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Wallachia is an ongoing serial vampire novel by David Ely set in 19th-century Romania.

Decades before Dracula, the Principality of Wallachia had its share of problems long before it came to be ruled by a vampire… Download the app to read or listen to the first chapter for free.

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Flowers of Transylvania, a prelude to Wallachia, is also available separately for Kindle and Apple Books. 1741, Transylvania. Corina finds herself a prisoner of Count Dracula. The good news: Dominic, her first love, is a guard in the castle. But can she trust him?


No Vampyre Castle is complete without a zombie chauffeur-driven hearse.

Looking for a short vampire book to read before Halloween? Flowers of Transylvania is only $2.99. In 1741, Corina finds herself an unwilling guest of Count Dracula. Whom can she trust in Castle Dracula? 🧛🏻‍♂️📖🎃

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Wallachia v1.1.1

A very minor update, 1.1.1, has been approved and will be coming to you shortly. It fixes a bug that caused the app the potentially fail to recognize a valid, automatically-renewed subscription in some circumstances where Apple has pre-processed the renewal.

I’m tremendously lucky that Sean Haber had encountered the same problem and posted about it. I’m sure I wouldn’t have figured it out on my own.

Chapter 5, “How to Borrow a Book,” is now available. Alt title: “The Gang Robs the Church.” Also, we actually we a vampire in my vampire book! 🧛🏻‍♂️📖

I’m diagnosing a bug with voting in polls. Deleting and reinstalling the app fixes it if you can’t vote, but that’s a pretty drastic fix. I can’t figure out what’s causing it, since none of the code has changed since the last chapter came out and voting worked fine then. It might have to do with an iOS update, but that’s a wild guess. 😫

The Vampyre and Carmilla

Both The Vampyre and Carmilla are in the public domain. You can download ebooks of them for free using the links below.

The Vampyre; a Tale (Kindle, Apple Books). I also highly recommend this collection by Andrew Barger that includes The Vampyre: The Best Vampire Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Vampire Anthology (Kindle, Apple Books).

Carmilla (Kindle, Apple Books). If you like Carmilla, also check out Le Fanu’s collection In a Glass Darkly (Kindle, Apple Books).

Lastly, if you’re into 19th century-set vampire stories, you’re welcome to read my own book, Wallachia, A Penny Dreadful. The prelude, Flowers of Transylvania, is available on Kindle and Apple Books for $2.99. The main story is published as a serial in text and audiobook formats via an app I designed. New chapters come out every few weeks and subscribers get to vote on upcoming story developments as I write them. Download on the App Store.

Van Helsing and friends are waiting in Varna. The count is retreating to Transylvania aboard the Czarina Catherine. In 2½ weeks, Dracula ends. draculalive.tumblr.com 📚

Gay Characters and Homophobia in Wallachia

My wording in the video, that I “realized” Ion and Kwasi were gay, is intentional. The first characters I came up with were Marley and Dracula, and Negrescu Radu, with the basic story of Dracula coming to the village to exert his influence on the local lord there, and Marley as the villager who will be affected by whatever goes on there. As I expanded the cast, it wasn’t that I decided, “I’m going to have a gay couple!” Rather, with Ion and Kwasi, they just sort of came out that way (pardon the pun).

Somewhere on Twitter years ago I saw someone say that when you’re writing a fantasy novel, you get to decide what the biases of your characters are. Do you have elves or whatever? It’s up to you whether the human characters are elf-racist or not. It’s your world, after all.

This stuck with me as I developed my story with Wallachia. I had several plot threads I was mapping out, and sort of just didn’t want to take the time to also include stuff involving Ion and Kwasi having to hide their sexuality. More, I wanted the character conflict that arises to come from the choices they make, not who they are.

A number of the Addams Family strips feature bats and coffins, but this one, from The Charles Addams Mother Goose, 1967, is the only cartoon I’m aware of that has a vampire.

Book keeping: Most of the events in Dracula Live from here on out move to the Eastern European Time Zone (two hours ahead of London). We’re in chapter 25 now, out of 27. The story wraps up in less than a month.