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Wallachia is an ongoing serial vampire novel by David Ely set in 19th-century Romania. New chapters are published every few weeks.

Decades before Dracula, the Principality of Wallachia had its share of problems long before it came to be ruled by a vampire…

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The audiobooks are available as a podcast. New chapters air every other Friday.

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Flowers of Transylvania, a prelude to Wallachia, is included in the app but is also available separately for Kindle and Apple Books. 1741, Transylvania. Corina finds herself a prisoner of Count Dracula. The good news: Dominic, her first love, is a guard in the castle. But can she trust him?


Transylvania” by Jake Kaufman for the NES DuckTales game.

Sengir Vampire. Art by Anson Maddocks.

I was very excited about this week’s Doctor Who. Shelley, Byron, and Polidori really did spend time together in summer, 1816. Out of that holiday came Frankenstein and The Vampyre, and it’s the reason I set Wallachia then.

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David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve in 1983’s The Hunger. [I initially mis-typed this as “1893” which is, of course, the year Dracula is set.]

7. Wallachia Chapter 1: Welcome to Wallachia

Chapter 1 of Wallachia: A Penny Dreadful by David Ely. The previous six episodes have comprised the prelude, Flowers of Transylvania. Now we jump forward to 1816 and move south to Wallachia.

Marley returns home after several years away and attends her sister’s first Communion. Afterwards, they eat, dance, take in a puppet show, and a strange visitor arrives.

I don’t know how well it works digitally, but The Terrifics 25 is a very fun issue. It lets you make decisions that are legally distinct from a Choose Your Own Adventure book by turning to different pages based on decisions you think the characters should make.

Batman & Dracula: Red Rain is a fun “Elseworlds” Story by Doug Moench. Here’s a collection that includes its that includes its follow-ups Bloodstorm & Crimson Mist.

Vöröstorony Barabás

Turnu Roșu Pass along the Olt River near the southern Transylvania-northern Wallachia border. 1831 watercolor by Miklós Barabás.

6. Flowers of Transylvania Chapter 6: Home At Last

Corina and Dominic arrive at her village.

This marks the end of the Flowers of Transylvania novella. Next time we’ll jump forward 75 years and start Wallachia. We’ll meet a whole new cast of characters, but there will be some famliar faces, settings, and themes that carry over from the prelude.

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My brain woke me up at 4:00 or so this morning because it had finally figured out the line of dialogue chapter 10 has been missing. It’s not even something particularly great, just that little bit that let the words start flowing. 😌